The purpose of this study is simple: to provide clear explanations of Bible doctrines, using only the scriptures in their original context.

The index below reflects all the articles that have been published.

About Our Spiritual Beginnings:

— Repentance

Salvation Through Jesus Christ

— Prayer

— Baptism

— Communion – the Lord’s Supper

Sin – What it is, and What it is Not

— Fleeing Temptation

— The Need for Daily Prayer

— Thankfulness

— God’s Children Live Holy

True Forgiveness vs a Religious Practice

— Forgiving One Another

— The Tongue

— Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Deeper Topics:

Sanctification and the Infilling of the Holy Spirit

— Witnessing of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Record in Bible Scripture is True and Faithful

— How to Study the Word of God

True Holy Spirit Gift of Tongues

Marriage is a Calling in the Lord

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage Scripture Study

About a True Ministry:

— Minister to Individuals by Prayer and Counseling

— Counseling and Testifying – Not Preaching

Requirements for a Minister of the Gospel

Seven Things Jesus Did to Unify and Organize His Ministry

— Reaching the Lost – 5 Key Factors Enabling Us to Follow the Holy Ghost’s Lead

— Critical That You Understand Scripture

Offerings Given for the Lord’s Work

Rightly Dividing the Truth – Differences of Administrations and Operations

How to Conduct a Minister’s Meeting – Per Acts Chapter 15

About the Church:

Church – a Called Out Assembly to God

The Church is the Body of Christ

The Church is the Bride of Christ

— The Church is God’s Chosen People

The Church is the Spiritual House for God’s Dwelling in the Earth

Gates of Hell Cannot Prevail Against the Church

About Prophesy:

Ezekiel’s Vision of the Church

Was the Devil a Fallen Angel that was Cast Out of Heaven?

— The Kingdom of God

The Rapture Teaching, Is It True?

The Millennial Reign in Revelation Chapter 20

The Dispensationalism Deception

The Final Trumpet Reveals the Kingdoms of the Beasts

The Mark of the Beast 666

Has Jesus Written God’s Name in Your Forehead?

It is Done – Hypocrisy and Sin is Removed – the True Church is Revealed

Study the Book of Revelation

Videos on Revelation

Overcoming Sin and Addictions (gospel worker training):

— Author Preface to Recovering From Sin and Addictions

— Personal Testimony of Deliverance from Sin and Addictions

Introduction to Helping People Recover From Sin and Addictions

— Recovery from Sin and Addiction – Step 1 – Honesty

— Recovery from Sin and Addiction – Step 2 – Faith and Hope

— Recovery from Sin and Addiction – Step 3 – Trust-Love Dedication

— Recovery from Sin and Addiction – Step 4 – Courage

— Recovery from Sin and Addiction – Step 5 – Integrity

— Recovery from Sin and Addiction – Step 6 – Complete Willingness

— Recovery from Sin and Addiction – Step 7 – Humility and Prayer

— Recovery from Sin and Addiction – Step 8 – Accountability

— Recovery from Sin and Addiction – Step 9 – Forgiveness and Restitution

— Recovery from Sin and Addiction – Step 10 – Accepting Responsibility

— Recovery from Sin and Addiction – Step 11 – Knowledge and Consecration

— Recovery from Sin and Addiction – Step 12 – Service and Gratitude

Audio Lessons – English to Swahili

Provided via a phone conferencing call service to people in Africa.