The purpose of this site is simple: to provide clear explanations of Bible doctrines, using only the scriptures in their original context.

The index below reflects all the articles that have been published, and those yet to be published (those without a link) along with link references to other quality articles on other sites. The ones not published are listed so that you can have an idea of what is yet to come.

About Our Spiritual Beginnings:

— Repentance

Salvation Through Jesus Christ

— Baptism

— Communion – the Lord’s Supper

Sin – What it is, and What it is Not

Sanctification and the Infilling of the Holy Spirit

Offerings Given for the Lord’s Work

— Addictions

— Prayer

— Need for Daily Devotional Study

— How to Fight Temptation

— Contentment

— Patience

— True Fellowship

— Discerning True Spiritual Leaders

— Witnessing for Christ

About God:

— God the Father

— Jesus Christ

— Holy Spirit

— The Trinity

Deeper Topics:

Sanctification and the Infilling of the Holy Spirit

The Record in Bible Scripture is True and Faithful

— Gifts of the Spirit

True Holy Spirit Gift of Tongues

— Long-suffering

— Evangelism

— Supporting needs

Marriage is a Calling in the Lord

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage Scripture Study

About a True Ministry:

Requirements for a Minister of the Gospel

Seven Things Jesus Did to Unify and Organize His Ministry

Rightly Dividing the Truth – Differences of Administrations and Operations

How to Conduct a Minister’s Meeting – Per Acts Chapter 15

About the Church:

— Body of Christ

Bride of Christ

— A Called Out Assembly to God

— Bought by Jesus Christ

— Given to the Father

Gates of Hell Cannot Prevail Against the Church

Offerings Given for the Lord’s Work

About Prophesy:

Ezekiel’s Vision of the Church

The Rapture Teaching, Is It True?

The Millennial Reign in Revelation Chapter 20

The Final Trumpet Reveals the Kingdoms of the Beasts

The Mark of the Beast 666

Has Jesus Written God’s Name in Your Forehead?

It is Done – Hypocrisy and Sin is Removed – the True Church is Revealed

Study the Book of Revelation