Author Preface to Recovering From Sin and Addictions

Richard with a babyFrom the author: Richard Lehman

Inspiration for this step guide and training workbook, originally came from other brothers who had themselves been through 12-step programs. I discussed with them about what this type of program would look like from a true Christian perspective. And so this began my burden for writing on the subject.

Later it became very apparent that this was a problem that needed to be addressed also in Africa. And so I began teaching on this subject through our regular multi-congregation Sunday morning services in Africa, (done via a phone conferencing service.) Soon the messages would also include Joe Molina, a brother who would bring personal testimonies about himself working through this type of program. Joe’s personal testimonies touched many hearts as their faith grabbed hold of the reality that they and others could truly be delivered!

This 12-step program and workbook is not just for helping people who are addicted to substances (like drugs and alcohol.) Sin itself is actually an addiction. It becomes a controlling force in the life of individuals because of a broken relationship with God (because of their sin.) And so this 12-step process is also an excellent educational and training book in helping gospel workers to work with individuals. Through this process, we are able to better understand what is going on  in the heart, and to help individuals with their specific needs. And through that individualized work, we are able to help them to have faith and trust in Jesus Christ to enable them to overcome all sin: including those addictions that they also may have.

May the Lord bless both the sinner and the gospel worker as they would read and understand this step process, which is completely based on biblical principles.

Salvation comes in a moment, when the blood of Christ is applied to our sins. But much “processing” goes on before that, and yet much more still goes on after that. If we make it to the end, it is because we are always learning and growing in the Lord.