The Webster’s Dictionary defines Salvation as the saving of a person from sin or its consequences.

رومية 5: 8-10

8 ولكن الله بيّن محبته لنا لانه ونحن بعد خطاة مات المسيح لاجلنا.

9 فبالاكثر كثيرا ونحن نتبرر الآن بدمه نخلص به من الغضب.

10 لانه ان كنا ونحن اعداء قد صولحنا مع الله بموت ابنه فبالأولى كثيرا ونحن مصالحون نخلص بحياته.

Suppose you committed a crime, and a judge sentenced you to a hefty fine or a year in prison. If I paid the fine for you, you wouldn’t have to go to jail unless you rejected my payment. Jesus paid the death penalty for our sins by his death on the cross.  Accepting this payment for your sins reconciles you to God.  Being reconciled means the separation is over. You are now a friend of God.  Is that what you want?  So, the question I ask you is, who wants to be close to God?

Let us look at this great promise of Salvation God gave to us.

ماثيو 1:21

21 فتلد ابنا وتدعو اسمه يسوع لانه يخلص شعبه من خطاياهم.

God sent His angel to Mary to tell her she would have a Son and He would save his people from their sins.  The beauty of this promise is that it is for everyone.”

جون 3:16

16 لانه هكذا احب الله العالم حتى بذل ابنه الوحيد لكي لا يهلك كل من يؤمن به بل تكون له الحياة الابدية.

The beauty of John 3:16 is that “whosoever” is everyone.  Notice Jesus does not say if you are twelve years old, you cannot receive Salvation.  Instead, Jesus says “whosoever” comes to Him.  Whosoever means Salvation is for everyone, young and old alike.  There is no age limit.  So, the good news of the gospel here is that Jesus came to save young people too.  He did not just come to save people who are out of college or older.  Jesus came to save “whosoever,” which means anyone who comes to Jesus can have Salvation.  One might ask, “Why do we need salvation?” and the answer is so we can have remission of our sins and make heaven our home.  Each of us is guilty of committing a crime, although one might also ask, “What crime is that? or say, “I’ve never committed a crime?”.  However, our crime is that we all have sinned against God.  No one can say, “I have never sinned.”  I know this first by my experience as a young person.  Before I gave my heart to God, I did not have power over sin, but second and most important, the Bible teaches us that all have sinned, which means we all need Salvation.  Another way to say it is we all need to be reconciled with God at some time in our life – preferably when we are young.

رومية 5:12

12 لذلك كما انسان واحد دخلت الخطية العالم والموت بالخطية. وهكذا ، انتقل الموت إلى جميع الناس ، لأن الجميع قد أخطأوا: "

The Bible teaches us all of us have sinned, but Matthew 1:21 so beautifully shows us that Jesus came to save us from our sins.  The truth is sin separates us from God.

١ يوحنا ١: ٨- ٩

8 ان قلنا ليس لنا خطية نخدع انفسنا وليس الحق فينا.

9 ان اعترفنا بخطايانا فهو امين وعادل حتى يغفر لنا خطايانا ويطهرنا من كل اثم.

God wants to cleanse all of us from our sin. God’s forgiveness and His plan of Salvation are offered to everyone today.  Praise God; His Salvation is ready and available to all young people today as well.  One might ask, “What is sin? and “How do I know if I am sinning?” Let us look at the following scriptures to help us understand what sin is.

يعقوب 4:17

"17 لذلك من يعلم أن يفعل الخير ولا يعمل ، فهذه خطيئة."

God is calling all of us to do good and keep His commandments.  So if we know, we should not lie and do it anyway; this is sin.  If we learn we should not cheat and do it anyway, this is also sin.  If we know we shouldn’t disobey our parents and we disobey anyway, then we are sinning.  In any case, if we do something we know we should not do, we are sinning.  The Bible is truly clear about what sin is and gives many examples for us to follow.  In the old testament, God gave Moses the ten commandments, and we can find explicit instruction from God.  For example:

  • Thou shalt have no other Gods before you.
  • Thou shalt not make any graven images that are not of God
  • لا تنطق باسم الرب باطلا.  Taking God’s name in vain means, we should not curse God

وصية أخرى يعطيها الله للشباب تحديدًا هي تكريم والدك وأمك حتى تطول أيامك في الأرض.

God gave this great Salvation to everyone, and to make it fair, God made the definition of sin clear to all.  Consider the following scriptures.

غلاطية ٥: ١٩- ٢١

19 وظهرت اعمال الجسد وهي هذه الزنا والفسق والنجاسة والفجور.

20 عبادة الاصنام ، والسحر ، والبغضاء ، والخلاف ، والقتال ، والغضب ، والخصام ، والفتن ، والبدع ،

21 الحسد والقتل والسكر والشتائم وما شابه ذلك: الذي اقوله لكم من قبل ، كما سبق وقلت لكم ايضا ، ان الذين يفعلون مثل هذه الامور لا يرثون ملكوت الله.

The Bible is very fair to us.  Jesus gave us a list of things we should not do.  So, if we continue in the path of sin, Galatians teaches us that we will have no part of the kingdom of God.  The beauty is Christ came to give us power over sin.  When we give our hearts to God and receive Salvation, Jesus delivers us from sin and its consequences.  We are no longer separated from God but become His child.  I am exhorting you today just as Paul did many years ago.  We do not need to continue in sin.

عبرانيين 3:13

13 ولكن عظوا بعضكم بعضا كل يوم ما دام هذا يسمى اليوم. لئلا يقسى احد منكم بغرور الخطية ".

Paul urged the Hebrews to stay away from sin and praise God through the power of His Son and the blood He shed on the cross we can live each day free from sin.  Living without sin means we do not have to lie, cheat, or do any unclean thing.  The beautiful part of Salvation means that we can live holy in this life.  So, who can receive Salvation from sin?

رومية ١٠:١٣

13 لان كل من يدعو باسم الرب يخلص.

We see this word again, “whosoever.”  When I gave my heart to God as a young person, I was so excited to learn that when the Bible said, “whosoever,” God meant me!  When I gave my heart to God at a young age, He was able to save me from sin!  Today as I proclaim this great Salvation Christ wants to give to everyone, I have a question to ask you.  Have you accepted God into your heart?

يشوع ٢٤:١٥

15 وان ظهر لكم شرا ان تعبدوا الرب فاختروا اليوم من تعبدون. هل الآلهة التي عبدها آباؤكم التي كانت على الجانب الآخر من الطوفان ، أم آلهة الأموريين الذين تسكنون أرضهم ، وأما أنا وبيتي ، فنحن نعبد الرب ".

So, I challenge you today, have you chosen to serve God, and do you have Salvation? Choose you this day whom you will serve. The Bible instructs us on how to receive Salvation from God in the following verse.

رومية ١٠: ٩

"9 حتى لو اعترفت بفمك بالرب يسوع ، وآمنت بقلبك أن الله قد أقامه من الأموات ، تخلص."

Christ came so that we could be saved and become children of God.  But this requires us to confess and admit that we have sinned and then believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Once we have done this, we can receive Salvation.  This Salvation is for “whosoever.”  Whether you are young or old, God can give you this Salvation.  God does not make it hard for us to receive Salvation.  I want to encourage you, young and old, that God invites you to give your heart to Him.  God wants to give you this Salvation so you can be free from your sins.