Rightly Dividing the Word of God

Do you ever wonder about the meaning of certain scriptures in the Bible? We have to be careful that we don’t take a biblical scripture and use it in the wrong way. It is important to really dig into scripture and understand the context of scripture. Too many Christian people today will use and take … Read more

Scattered in Church, But Unified in the Home


We have an enormous problem around what is called the church. I’m talking about a fundamental aspect of our relationship with God and ministerial responsibility. A problem that Jesus fixed when he first came some 2,000 years ago. But for many years now, we have broken it once more within church organizations. Let’s step back … Read more

The Kingdom of God

Jesus king of kings

This is not an easy topic to understand for most. And part of the reason is because much of mankind has been trying for many years to come up with an answer to all the anti-Christian forces in the world. In doing so, they have hoped for an answer based upon a literal interpretation of … Read more

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage Scripture Study

broken heart

I have often noticed that when many provide a Bible study on marriage and divorce that they actually spend most of their time quoting someone else’s commentary. They do not carefully seek the meaning of the scriptural words in their original context, and they never fully deal with 1 Corinthians 7th Chapter. We may highly … Read more

Rightly Dividing the Truth

Bible open with magnifying glass on it.

Understanding the difference between the unchangeable principles of the gospel, and the context of the original text. I have observed a common fear and misunderstanding within the church, regarding scriptural text, the differences in local ministerial guidance, and then the actual principles that the scriptures teach. Many do not understand the differences between these. And … Read more