Make Us a King!

Today I want to talk to you about a man who became the Israelites first king.  Before the Israelites had a king, God appointed judges or religious leaders to help guide His people.  We are going to talk about a time when Samuel was the leader of the Israelites.  Samuel was a good Judge of … Read more

Overcoming the Crowd to Jesus

Have you ever been in place where you were a part of a large crowd?  Did you know that trying to move from one place to the other in a crowd of people can be a challenging experience?  In fact, sometimes it is almost impossible to navigate a dense crowd.  Moving through a crowd of … Read more

Honoring Our Mothers

Mothers’ Day is a special day that we set aside to celebrate our mothers.  Because Mothers’ Day  is soon approaching, I would like to share what the Bible says about the commandment of honoring our parents.  Thank God, many of us are blessed with good mothers who are very busy and they carry an awesome … Read more