Divine Healing for Us Today

Did you know that Jesus desires everyone to be whole from their feet to their mind?  This is why He made the ability to be healed divinely for everyone. He actually cares about how we feel in our bodies, and if we are sick, He wants us to be well. Matthew 4:23 “23 And Jesus … Read more

Peter Moving Away From Christ

Today, I want to introduce you to Jesus’s disciple Peter, and then I want to use his story as a lesson about what we shouldn’t do in our Christian walk.  You see, as we serve God, we need to carefully guard our Salvation because we have an enemy who wants us to fall away from … Read more

Remembering God While You’re Young

There is something about being young that’s special.  It doesn’t matter if you’re too tall or a little plump, or maybe you have a few blemishes; there is a natural beauty that comes with simply being young.  Young people and children are beautiful not just because of their youth but also because of the childlike … Read more

How is Your Heart?

Each of us has a heart beating within us.  And the physical heart we have is essential for us to sustain life.  It circulates and pumps blood throughout the body.  So, without our physical heart, we cannot live. There are other parts of our body we can not live without, such as our head.  But … Read more


I Met Jesus at the Crossroads “I met Jesus at the crossroads, Where the two ways meet. Satan too was standing there, and he said come this way. Lots and lots of pleasures I can give to you today. But I said no! There’s Jesus here, Just see what he offers me! Down here my … Read more

For Saved Young People (Baptism)

The Meaning  While water baptism is practiced among Christian groups in various modes and for different reasons, the word of God is clear on this subject. The meaning of baptism is to immerse.  When I immerse something into the water, it means I put the entire object under the surface.  God chose water as a … Read more

Salvation, What Does it Mean?

The term salvation comes up often in our conversations when we gather with our brothers and sisters in Christ and share testimonies with each other, but what does it mean?  Let’s see what we can learn about this word. What is Salvation? Salvation is a gift from Jesus.  We can receive this gift when we … Read more

Repentance and Young People

Thank God He has made a way for us to experience His presence.  The best decision one can make is to abandon his life entirely over to God.  But where does it all begin, and how do we do that?  It starts with repentance.  For this lesson, we will study the act of repentance and … Read more