Making a Choice Between Right and Popular (Youth Rally December 2021)

Today, we will talk about a type of pressure many young people fall under today.  Throughout the remainder of this lesson, let’s refer to it as peer pressure.  Peer pressure is a social influence exerted by others on an individual.  This is when pressure is exerted to get someone to act or believe the same … Read more

The Issues of a Young Persons’ Life (Youth Rally December 2021)

The Issues of Young Persons Life Today, we will address topics that might be a little bit uncomfortable for some of us but still very important to discuss.  We will look at what the Bible says about issues that can confront a young person’s life.  Especially during those critical years transitioning from childhood into adulthood. … Read more

Remembering God While You’re Young

There is something about being young that’s special.  It doesn’t matter if you’re too tall or a little plump, or maybe you have a few blemishes; there is a natural beauty that comes with simply being young.  Young people and children are beautiful not just because of their youth but also because of the childlike … Read more


I Met Jesus at the Crossroads “I met Jesus at the crossroads, Where the two ways meet. Satan too was standing there, and he said come this way. Lots and lots of pleasures I can give to you today. But I said no! There’s Jesus here, Just see what he offers me! Down here my … Read more

What Are You Thinking? (Part 2)

What if, for one day, Jesus were to become you?  Let us imagine that Jesus woke in your bed and walked in your shoes.  He lived in your house with your family and went to your school.  Your teachers became His teachers.  Your health problems were His to live with.  Your pains became His pains.  … Read more

How is Your Attitude?

God is looking for faithful young people who have dedicated their lives to Him.  I can say that when I received salvation as a youth, it was the best decision I ever made for my life.  We will always have important decisions to make in life, like where will I go to school?  Or what … Read more

How Faithful are You?

Today we would like to speak about the importance of being faithful.  First, let’s define faithful.  Faithful means to be constant, loyal, or to maintain allegiance.  We could also say faithful means to show a strong sense of duty, reliability, or steadfast adherence. Being faithful to a friend, a job, or a cause are all … Read more