Do You Know Your Enemy?

Did you know that we have an enemy?  This enemy is called the devil and he endeavors to fight us in our Christian life every day.  Let me be clear this enemy is not a cartoon that carries a pitchfork wearing red leotards.  The devil is a spirit that is fighting and waring against Christians … Read more

What is Sin?

Today we will talk about a topic that will help us answer a serious question.  The topic is sin, and the question is “What is sin?”  We can find many answers to this question today.  Did you know in some religious circles, people teach that we can never be freed from sin?  They call every … Read more

Divine Healing for Us Today

Did you know that Jesus desires everyone to be whole from their feet to their mind?  This is why He made the ability to be healed divinely for everyone. He actually cares about how we feel in our bodies, and if we are sick, He wants us to be well. Matthew 4:23-24 “23 And Jesus … Read more