A Missionary Looks at the Love Letter: Revelation Chapters 1 to 8 a Spiritual Interpretation

book - A Missionary Looks at the Love Letter

This book is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and many others. It is also being translated into Swahili, Lingala, and Luganda (if you want access to these other translations, please contact me at “Contact Us.”) Jesus gave Revelation as a love letter for his servants to share with the church. It is … Weiterlesen

A Missionary Looks at 12 Steps to Overcome Addiction and Sin: Healing Our Broken Relationships with Christ and with Others

book - a Missionary Looks at 12 steps

This book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and others. A Christian based 12-step process helps us to overcome addiction by attaching to the faithful love of the Savior, enabling healthy relationships with other people. And so a missionary, Richard Lehman, looks at the 12-step process, and prayerfully applies the wisdom of the scriptures to … Weiterlesen

We Cannot Allow Sin Amongst the Ministry

correcting another

What is more important to you? Maintaining your ministry friends within your church organization Or maintaining sin-free integrity within the ministry If your first love is your friendships and church organization, you will cover up sin in the ministry and allow them to continue to minister. And you will be lost in hell with them! … Weiterlesen

Scattered in Church, But Unified in the Home


We have an enormous problem around what is called the church. I’m talking about a fundamental aspect of our relationship with God and ministerial responsibility. A problem that Jesus fixed when he first came some 2,000 years ago. But for many years now, we have broken it once more within church organizations. Let’s step back … Weiterlesen

A Reason Not to Complain

In today’s world, people love to complain.  Young people like to complain.  Sometimes they complain about the food their parents give them or their homework; young people want to complain about almost anything. So I would like to talk about the Israelite people and what happened when they complained. Philippians 2:14 “14 Do all things without … Weiterlesen