This week I would like to share with you an incident that occurred where I am employed.  We discovered a woman who worked with us was stealing from the company, so we dismissed her from the job.  Of course, we didn’t want to do this, but we couldn’t trust her anymore, so it had to … Read more

How is Your Attitude?

God is looking for faithful young people who have dedicated their lives to Him.  I can say that when I received salvation as a youth, it was the best decision I ever made for my life.  We will always have important decisions to make in life, like where will I go to school?  Or what … Read more

How Faithful are You?

Today we would like to speak about the importance of being faithful.  First, let’s define faithful.  Faithful means to be constant, loyal, or to maintain allegiance.  We could also say faithful means to show a strong sense of duty, reliability, or steadfast adherence. Being faithful to a friend, a job, or a cause are all … Read more

Conquering the Giants

Did you know there are giants out there!  But I am not talking about large people, nine or ten feet tall, that tower over us significantly.  I am speaking of giants we find in everyday life.  By giants, I mean what seems to be insurmountable problems, circumstances, pressures, and issues that we face at different … Read more

Running With the Giants Part 1

Psalms 57:7 “My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise.”  I have heard it often said that life is like a marathon.  But I think it’s much more challenging than that.  When track athletes line up to run a marathon race, they know that a finish line … Read more

The Kingdom of God

Jesus king of kings

This is not an easy topic to understand for most. And part of the reason is because much of mankind has been trying for many years to come up with an answer to all the anti-Christian forces in the world. In doing so, they have hoped for an answer based upon a literal interpretation of … Read more

Personal Testimony of Deliverance from Sin and Addictions

During a series of messages on the Christian based 12-step program, Joe Molina often provided his testimony of how he overcame addiction. And as he did, his testimony resonated in a very personal way with others that were listening. This is actually a very important part of reaching others who are struggling with any addiction. … Read more