Personal Testimony of Deliverance from Sin and Addictions

During a series of messages on the Christian based 12-step program, Joe Molina often provided his testimony of how he overcame addiction. And as he did, his testimony resonated in a very personal way with others that were listening. This is actually a very important part of reaching others who are struggling with any addiction. … Read more

Recovery from Sin and Addiction – Step 2 – Faith and Hope

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2. We must come to believe that a Power greater than ourselves: Jesus Christ’s sacrificial love, could restore us to sanity. Can I believe? Well if you haven’t completed step one, were you become totally honest with yourself and with God about your addiction, then no! You will not be able to believe. Because to … Read more

Recovery from Sin and Addiction – Step 1 – Honesty

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1. We admit that we are powerless over our addiction and that our lives have become unmanageable. When a person comes seeking some help for an addiction, there may be various different reasons why they have come to the conclusion that they need help. One of those reasons may be: Their companion is threatening to … Read more

Introduction to Helping People Recover From Sin and Addictions

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There is a deep empty hole in the heart of the soul, that must be filled. How we fill that hole, or comfort ourselves with that empty space, will determine what sin we become addicted to. Without a godly direction in our life, the heart will begin to fill itself more all the time with … Read more